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barryfischetto-com-headshotBarry Fischetto is an accomplished executive with over twenty-five years of experience managing significant P&L responsibilities across a number of supply chain and manufacturing platforms. Barry’s expertise in growth leadership and profitability is bolstered by a comprehensive corporate skillset that spans operations, logistics, business development, and general management. A firm believer in “leading by example,” Barry builds high-performing teams by setting high expectations and consistently executing well in all environments. Particularly well-versed in highly competitive markets, he is adept at catalyzing aggressive revenue growth, controlling costs, and achieving high rates of customer satisfaction via results-oriented strategies and creative initiatives.

Barry Fischetto presently serves as the Senior Vice President of Operations for Farmer Brothers Coffee, where he oversees growth, profitability, service, and organizational improvements. Under his guidance, the company has enjoyed transformative change, and his recent duties included advising the design and construction of a headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution campus. Prior to his current position, Barry held leadership roles with industry leaders like MIllard, ConAgra Foods, and Nabisco Biscuit Company.

Barry Fischetto holds a Master of Business Administration in Operations Management from Long Island University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from St. Thomas Aquinas College.

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How Calculated Risks Can Breed Innovation

Of all of the dangers that a business or business owner faces during the process of establishing, growing and maintaining a business, one unexpected threat might stand out as the sleeping giant. Perhaps the largest and most menacing hazard standing in the way of...

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Sustainability in Supply Chain Managemnt

Sus·tain·a·bil·ity  [suh-stey-nuh-bil-i-tee]  noun 1. The ability to be sustained, supported, upheld or confirmed. 2. Environmental Science. The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological...

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Welcome to Barry Fischetto's blog covering executive leadership, business development, and innovation. Check back soon to learn more.

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At the core of Barry’s leadership style rests a deep understanding of progress as a result of both process and people. In order to drive continuous improvement, Barry has grown to be a key performance indicator fanatic, one of the leading indicators of P&L success. Although by no means a micro-manager, Barry does enjoy taking a hands-on, interactive approach when possible. This not only provides space for Barry to model best practices, but empowers him with additional information when conceptualizing end-to-end opportunities for positive change. Innovation is an essential priority in any business, and Barry finds that a calculated risk – even one that fails – yields greater returns in the long run than never taking any chances at all.

Above all else – Barry Fischetto delivers. This mantra is reflected in the caliber of like-minded colleagues and staff with which he surrounds himself. Determination, dedication, grit, and a healthy competitive edge set his teams apart. Establishing fantastic team dynamics is critical to success. In all of his professional roles, Barry has placed a special emphasis on mentorship. As a mentee, he sincerely appreciated the guidance and coaching which underpinned his own growth. As such, Barry considers watching the high achievers he has taken under his wing as they succeed and thrive to be a great privilege.


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